Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You know how some people lean towards a certain color when it comes to accessories? For me, I have a real obsession with blue shoes. There is something about the color that always feels unique and special to me when I wear them, and are fun to try and work into my outfit as if they were a neutral. When it comes to blue shoes, however, blue suede ones are my favorites. I used to have a pair of blue suede ankle boots that had little bows up the front. They were one of my first pair of 'adult' shoes, and they were the piece that always tied my outfit together. Since I have long outgrown those special shoes, this pair from Madewell comes pretty close. With their similar navy suede coloring, classic shape, and easy-to-wear heel, this is a shoe that not only has memories attached to it, but my eyes glued to them, as well. 

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