Dress Up

Friday, June 29, 2012

After recently finding (and loving!) this blog,who features items from the online shopping site Romwe, I couldn't resist checking it out and being pleasantly surprised. 

With black articles of clothing being one of many New Yorkers go-to closet fillers, it is hard to believe how many different options of a black top, dress, pants, or skirt there are. This dress by Sukiired is an awesome take on that classic LBD with a more modern and "cool-girl" vibe. With elements like cut-out detailing on the sleeves, an elastic waist, and simple scoop neck, this dress is the perfect addition for any season or occasion. 

What are some of your favorite Little Black Pieces?
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Cheetah Love

Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Forever 21 leotard and shorts, Michael Kors watch, Topshop necklace, Steve Madden shoes, and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet # 37 Lipstick}

I am a huge fan of prints. I love how by adding a print to basically any style of garment, the piece is instantly (and rather easily) transformed. When I saw this print, I loved all of the different elements about it that I didn't see in my wardrobe. With these shorts' burnt orange color, slightly deformed cheetah pattern that resembles hearts, and their blousy look, they are a perfect pairing to a simple black leotard and gold accessories for a summer day.

{Loving this tooth necklace. So cool, right?}

Denim + Dots

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{Zara top, Forever 21 skirt, Necessary Clothing belt, Michael Kors watch, GUESS? heels, Revlon "Orange Flip" and Chanel's "Rouge Velvet Allure No. 37" lipstick, and Kate Spade iPhone case}

While I am a huge fan of a polka dot of any kind, sometimes they can be seen as juvenile. By pairing this longer length pleated polka dot number in a neutral navy with a chambray button down, neon belt, and a combination of lipsticks, it creates a more grown up version of a more younger classic but still with all of the whimsy that I love so much.

Fanned out florals

Monday, June 25, 2012

{ Forever 21 blouse, H&M skirt, Michael Kors watch, and Aldo sandals }

Yes you are looking at yet another picture including a pleated garment. However, this skirt is far different than any of the others. When I saw this skirt at H&M believe me, I resisted. I thought to myself "Leah, do you really need another pleated skirt"? But, when I went to touch it, as I often do when deciding on a piece of clothing, it was made of an amazing and almost neoprene material. I found it interesting how such a seemingly feminine skirt with it's great fuchsia color and accordion fanned out pleats could be made of such an athletic and sporty material. I love the way that the pleats are so structured and hold their shape and the length is so ladylike. So friends, for these reasons, it made it's way into my wardrobe...pleats being just an added bonus. 

Dress Up

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sorry for the lack of a "Dress Up" post last Friday. My dad was in town for Father's Day and we spent the evening at MoMA and drinking way too much coffee. For this week, I chose a dress based on what I saw today while running errands. A woman I passed was wearing this dress and though it is a seemingly simple silhouette and pattern (hers was in blue) there was something about those reasons that also made it seem perfect. She paired hers with kelly green flats, a classic leather bag, tortoise shell sunnies, and gold accessories. I love how the photo above from Madewell mixes patterns (with a leopard belt) and adds a bright pop of color with the seemingly color of the summer--coral. I'm definitely going to try and find this dress this weekend and see how I can add a fun twist to it, as well.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Because, Because, Because

Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Forever 21 Necklace, J. Crew sweater, Zara skirt, Madewell oxfords, Michael Kors watch, Essie's "Tart Deco" polish}

Though these pictures were taken in the midst of creating this blog last summer, I still am quite a fan of the outfit. With the wide stripes and boxy fit of the summer-weight sweater paired with the fitted straight skirt, the look is very classic and put- together prep but with an updated twist by adding the worn in oxfords, and a fun and detailed necklace. In a way, with all of the different styles in the necklace from the dangling crystals to the pastel pink and blue threads woven throughout the gold chains, it reminds me of almost mixing patterns for that perfect juxtaposed look.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I had been hearing amazing praises about Sockerbit, the fairly new Swedish candy store in the West Village, for some time now. Up until this past weekend, I had assumed that aside from being Swedish and trendy there was nothing different about it. However, with my dad visiting for father's day, we stepped into the white walled store with pops of neon from the candies and bright lettering and were pleasantly surprised.

For $12.99 a pound, you can scoop your colorful goodies into little candy bags and try and resist from filling the bag completely to the top. We tried everything from turquoise sour candy octopi to chocolate covered banana flavored marshmallows. With all of the excitement of an old fashioned candy store in a new and modern way--and definitely with a more upscale and fun twist--I am happy to say that we loved this store and will surely be visiting again soon. 


Monday, June 18, 2012

{Zara button down and skirt, Francesca's necklace, Michael Kors watch, Chanel lipstick, and Aldo sandals}

While this outfit is every bit of classic and put together as I love to dress, there is something about it that has that little extra bit of preppiness that made me feel as if I should be jetting off to a boat house or about to drink sweet tea out of a mason jar. I loved the idea of combining the chambray button down with the intricately laced skirt from Zara. Though both are blue, their different textures, hues, and overall look--along with gold accessories and fuchsia lips--make for that little extra bit of prep. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face, joy to my day, and an infinite amount of love to my life. I love you.

Purple Pleats

Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Zara blouse, Necessary Clothing skirt, Steve Madden shoes, Michael Kors watch}

If I could only choose one perfect way for clothes to make their way into my heart, it would be pleats. They are the perfect combination of put together structure and girly whimsical appeal and regardless of how old I get, I still feel the need to twirl when wearing them. Lately, I have been in a purple mood. I am drawn to all shades of the color as it is seems to be slightly more grown up than pink, but still provides that sweet femininity that it brings. This skirt, in it's sort of ultra neon violet shade adorned with those perfect pleats, make it such a desirable piece that is indeed twirl worthy.

The treat of nostalgia

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{A section of the menu for Coolhaus}

In the past few years, it seems that any new idea that brings back memories from childhood is bound to be a success. When I was growing up, there was nothing that excited me more than hearing the ice cream truck make it's way down our neighborhood and smiling as I purchased my frozen treat of choice. I had heard about Coolhaus before, but until last weekend, had never indulged in one for myself. 

Just like the ice cream trucks from childhood, they provide ice cream sandwiches. However, these are definitely the more gourmet and adult-like version of the classic...but just as delicious.

{Their cute little trucks}

{Red velvet cookie + Nutella ice cream}

Blues + Bells

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{GAP kids denim jacket, Forever 21 dress, Michael Kors watch, Aldo sandals, and Target purse}

As an absolute lover of all colors, red is one that doesn't take up much room in my closet. With red being such a bold, powerful, and attention grabbing hue, little details like these delicate floral prints, a nipped in waist, and flowing bell sleeves, help to make this dress still make a fun statement while being less loud about it as well. 

Leather + Lips

Monday, June 11, 2012

{Topshop vest, Forever 21 dress and necklace, Michael Kors watch, Chanel lipstick, and Madewell oxfords}

I have always lusted after the fact that a leather jacket can add that instant "cool factor" to a look. In deciding to try and vary my wardrobe staples and try options that I would otherwise just admire, I took action and found this great (faux) leather vest from Topshop. I love how it has a bunch of hardware all over it and because it's a vest, it's great to throw on over girly dresses like this one from Forever 21 (that has lips printed all over it), or to layer over a sweater in cooler weather. 

Dress Up

Friday, June 8, 2012

A great thing about dresses, aside from the obvious multitude of reasons that they are fabulous, is that there are always details and stylistic elements that can make them oh so different. This dress was of interest for it's off the shoulder style and contrasting lace trim that adds to it's festive nature. With it's cotton fabric and gauzy feel, this is a great dress for summer (day or night) and a great (almost neutral) color that can pair with nearly anything. 

Fashion Icons: Michael Kors

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Michael Kors

{Image: All Michael Kors pieces}

Last night I attended the final installation for this season's Fashion Icons lecture series directed by Fern Mallis with Michael Kors as the guest of the evening. Going into the lecture, I realized that I was not as knowledgeable about the history of Michael Kors as a brand, company, and designer aside from the fact that I knew he was "American Sportswear" and that about every girl owned at least one of his watches. Through their discussion, though, I was extremely interested in the early start of his success and the power of his vision from such a young age. He even helped his mother to restyle her wedding dress at five years old by removing the abundance of bows! The lecture showed a side of him that was laid back, up-beat, and fun to be in the presence of and listen to. These discussions aren't only an enjoyable way to spend an evening, but definitely an informative one for fashion icons in the industry, as well. 

In Line

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Necessary Clothing blouse, Michael Kors watch, Zara skirt, Madewell oxfords, and "Bordeaux" nail polish}

As much as I am a fan of bright colors, patterns and prints, and flowing fabrics, sometimes there is nothing more that I want to slip into than a simple color palette of garments constructed around clean lines and classic appeal. Though this may appear to be very simple, I appreciate it for the contrasting pockets and placket on the blouse and the detailed lines and asymmetrical shape of the skirt. 

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