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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Necessary Clothing Blouse, Zara Leggings, Topshop Ballet Flats, and Michael Kors Watch

In search of an amazing new restaurant to try out in NYC, I was encouraged to try the modern Asian cuisine scene at Buddakan. With an incredible staircase descending to a communal table (and rooms surrounding it), dishes of truffle/edamame dumplings and chilled udon noodles with lime sorbet and candied ginger, Buddakan NYC is the perfect restaurant for the girl that is always in search of that perfectly fabulous place.

For the outfit of course, I wanted to go for something that was classic, simple, and wanted to try out my new Topshop flats that really do resemble the ballet slipper. 

A great thing about these leggings from Zara is that they have a cool sort of paneling on the sides of them that create an interesting detail to an otherwise fairly simple pant. 

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Anonymous said...

So nice Pictures*__*
I like your blog!

Xx Anna


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