A Spring in my Step

Thursday, January 19, 2012

While winter has basically just begun here in Syracuse, the stores have begun to bring in their spring collections. An abundance of pastels, punchy bright colors, and thin fabrics have started to line the shelves, and I cannot help but feel a bit pushy wishing spring were already here so that I can indulge in them. Though currently I have to stick with chunky knits, puffer coats, and snow boots, here are some of my favorite pieces for spring that I am to be dreaming of until the snow melts far away from campus and the sun shines for the majority of the day. 
Spring '12

So, as I put on my heavy black puffer coat just to walk outside, it is good to know that when spring soon does come around the (long awaited) corner, that there is a lot of inspiration, colors, and styles to look forward to. What are some of your favorite spring styles? I'd love to hear. 

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