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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi, everyone! I am so sorry for the lack of posts in the past week or so. While I am taking four classes this semester, it seems as if Draping and Magazine are controlling everything. Since sadly the blog has had to be on the back burner for the past week, I rounded up some of my Instagrams during that time that can help give a glimpse into what I've been working on. 

1. Rough sketches for my 1990's sketch project. Looking into lots of mesh and plaid and being inspired by Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain and androgyny. Does it show? I'd love to get feedback!

2. For a break after pulling a few all-nighters this week, which now resulted in a cold, I made a new set of sparkly earrings like the ones that I had made this past summer. I wanted to go for smaller pair that still packed lots of glitz. I think that the light green, pink, and crystals keep it fancy but still easily able to be paired with casual wear.

3. These were for my 1930's sketch project last week. Each week we have had to do 12 piece collections from certain decades (including technical flats). Here, I was inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli and more specifically her color, Shocking Pink. Can you tell?

4. These were the first sketch project that we did this year focusing on the 1970's. Not really a fan of 70's fashion, this was certainly the most difficult for me. Here I focused on Studio 54 and easy glamour.

5. Oddly, I had never been to Salvation Army. After my roommate raving about it each week, I decided to take a peek for myself and headed to the local Syracuse store for the first time. Happily, I found this fabulously quirky red, white, and blue dress that reminds me of an old cheerleading + flight attendant uniform combined. And, bonus points, it was only $5.00!

6. This is a bodice that I had been working on in my Draping class. While it looks simple, and I am slowly getting the hang of it, it's been a lot of struggles to get there. Also, if you know me at all, Starbucks always helps. 

To see more into my everyday projects, make sure to follow me on Instagram at @leshkoln.
Let me know if you like this post on updates. I'd love to hear.

Dress Up

Friday, September 20, 2013

One of the pieces that I feel doesn't get as much attention as it should is the classic slinky slip dress. This style is the perfect starting point for any look, in that basically anything can be added to it, and will usually work. Slip dresses are easy to wear, versatile, and can easily pull of the effortless look--even if you put a lot of thought into what you paired with it. This week's 'Dress Up' feature is this Floral Satin Slip dress from Topshop. While simple in shape and cut, the floral patterns aren't common when it comes to florals, and are in a much more sophisticated and abstract manner. A piece like this is also ideal for transitional weather, like what we have been having here in Upstate New York. For cooler days, pairing it with a leather jacket and black booties will help to make the floral even less feminine and more edgy, while throwing on a dark wash chambray left open with a pair of neutral flats will keep the look more casual. If you really want to be a fashion risk taker, opt for this upcoming seasons' huge trend of mixing florals and plaids by tying a plaid button-down loosely around your waist, or wear it open, as well. 

What do you think of the Floral Satin Slip Dress? How would you style it? I'd love to hear!

Home Improvement

Thursday, September 19, 2013

/ Image via /

It's amazing how you can find yourself drawn to design aspects that you never thought that you would be interested in, don't you think? Today's 'Home Improvement' post is not necessarily one that I would really decorate my home with (see: cow tile work), but I certainly think that the image above is inspiring. Green is one of those colors that I think is so often overlooked when it comes to home interiors, and yet, it is one of those colors that pretty much have whichever impact you want it to. Pale greens can be calming and quite pretty, while emeralds and kelly greens are much bolder and make a stronger statement. I find the idea of a green kitchen interesting, in that green is often associated with a state of calmness. In the kitchen, cooking and being with family and friends, should not be a stressful activity. Who knows? By incorporating more greens in the kitchen, and not just on our plates, our general stress levels may even lower. All of the flowers don't hurt, either.

What do you think of green interiors? What about green kitchens?
Check out this green formal room that I would love to daydream in, as well.

Kendra Scott

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

/ 1. / 2. / 3. /.4. /

Going to college in the East Coast, I sometimes forget how trends differ depending on location. This summer while I was at home in Texas, I repeatedly came across friends wearing bright and simple jewelry pieces that were worn with everything from cuttoffs to cocktail dresses. Time after time, I was told they were 'Kendra'. I soon learned that the 'Kendra' was in reference to none other than jewelry designer and Texas native, Kendra Scott. As much as statement necklaces are fun to wear, Kendra's pieces make every bit of that statement, while also being classic pieces that you will wear on a daily basis. Below I gathered four of my favorites. I love how they are all delicate pieces, but still manage to have a bit of a raw and organic shape to them, as well. 

Are you a fan of Kendra Scott's jewelry? What is your favorite piece of hers? I'd love to know.

Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do you ever see advertisements that always make you happy, but never really think of the company or brand? For me, that brand is Clarks Originals. While I always thought of Clarks as 'sensible footwear',  the Clarks girl that I saw in the images was a girl that seemed fun, stylish, friendly, and smart. Out of all of their pieces, the Clarks Original desert boots are my favorite. "Inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British Officers in World War II", this style was first introduced to me by my mom who has been a fan since her high school days, and when I was scrolling through Asos I came across the two featured above. Clearly, this is a style that has stuck around, and intends to. In two perfect colors (oxblood and wine) and fabrics (patent leather and velvet) for fall and winter, these can serve as a different and equally stylish variation from your everyday ankle boots, and just as stylish as durable, will last forever. 

Which is your favorite from the two featured above? I think I'm leaning towards the velvet wine pair. These are also pretty fun.

Fresh for Fall

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

/ 1. Topshop Tank / 2. Forever 21 Jacket / 3. Topshop Skirt / 4. Forever 21 Sandals

After what felt like excruciating heat for about the past week (I totally forgot about no AC at school), the weather finally cooled a bit yesterday. While it was certainly still every bit sandal weather footwear-wise, getting to throw on a new favorite varsity jacket with the coolest quilting that I found for $18 the day before, made that exciting look towards fall a good one. With a black and white palette and faux leather jacket, metallic sandals in a similar style to the ones above, added the shine needed to take the simple palette to a sophisticated one, all while happily welcoming fall.

Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

/ 1. Zara Heels / 2. GoJane Heels / 3. River Island Boots / 4. Boohoo Boots / 5. Alexander Wang Flats

Although my toes are still painted a crisp white, this Labor Day weekend slowly ended yet another summer, and the same question of wearing white shoes after labor day presents itself. While there are certainly winter whites that can be a fresh alternative to dark colors in the upcoming months, there isn't much like a true bright white. When it comes to these bright whites, my personal rule is that sporting them until it is chill enough that you need to grab your coat is acceptable. Today, I chose five pairs of fabulous white footwear ranging in shades, brightness, texture, and style to fill your footwear fancy. Lately I have been really obsessed with the style on the Zara pair (1) where the front cap comes up a little higher than usual on the foot. They are a bit awkward, and I find that intriguing and unique.

Will you wear white shoes after labor day? I hope everyone had a great long weekend! 
Which is your favorite pair from the assortment above?

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