DIY: Bedazzled Earrings

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

//Forever 21 Make-up bag//Rhinestones and earring backs from Toho Shoji and M&J Trimming//

If you're anything like me, you save endless how-to's on crafts and DIY projects in a folder on your desktop. Even though the whole concept of DIY is to show that seemingly difficult projects can actually be managed by ordinary people with an ordinary skill-set, I always was wary that my projects wouldn't turn out as stellar as the original. This past weekend, I came across this post on a favorite blog, and couldn't help but actually attempting to re-create these statement earrings like hers. And, lucky for me, these are clip-ons--yes, I still don't have my ears pierced. Below you can find the steps to make your own pair of dazzlers. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather all of the materials that you need: Scissors, Rhinestones of your choice, Clip-on earring backs, Superglue (E6000), and some PVC sheets. I couldn't find any PVC sheets near me, but I found this cute make-up bag from Forever 21 and cut the plastic out from around it, and still can use the bag later.

Step 2: Once you have gathered all of your materials together, choose the size that you want your earrings to be (I went with about a 1" by 2" rectangle) and cut that size from the PVC sheet. Play with the rhinestones to see how you want them to lay out and how they fit best together before you glue them down.

Step 3: Once you have chosen the placement of your rhinestones, glue them down while making sure to press firmly so that they are secured into place.

Step 4: After your rhinestones have been glued down, flip the rectangle of PVC (now with the rhinestones on it) over and glue down the clip-on earring back. Again, remember to press it securely and make sure that it is the correct way so that you can clip it onto your ear. Place an object with a bit of weight to it, I used a book, on the top of your upside down finished pieces to help the rhinestones to hold in place while they dry overnight.

Voila! You've made your very own pair of bedazzled statement earrings! I've already experimented with pairing them with simple jeans and a tank to dress them down and swanky cocktail dresses for a special night out on the town.

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY post. I certainly had a lot of fun making these if you can't tell. If you attempt these, or any other DIY of your own, I'd love for you to share.

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