Fancy Pants

Monday, June 10, 2013

//Jacket: Ecote from Urban Outfitters// Tank, Pants, Shoes, and Ring: H&M// Necklace: Vendor in Austin, TX// Bag: Target// Watch: Michael Kors//

That's right, everyone...fancy pants. I found these pants at H&M a while ago in the clearance section (also $10!) and decided to give them a try. While I'm not particularly fond of jeans and regular styles of basic pants so much, when it comes to a more stylized and well, pretty versions, I'm all aboard. The colors on these brocade-like pants remind me of summer and autumn, and while the sun was still out, on a slightly cooler day, they provided the perfect focal point for an outfit that took me to a spontaneous matinee show performance.

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