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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Years ago, when my family lived in our old house, my sister and I had a pink playhouse. While the house itself was every little girls dream, it was an element in the house, a chalkboard wall that my dad painted on, that really made it unique and special. The always-drawing art lover that I was, appreciated the wall as an endless source of creativity and inspiration, and when I came across this dreamy chalkboard wall behind a bathtub I was reminded of the space where so many ideas flowed without too much scrutiny. How dreamy would it be to have a relaxing bath and doodle on the walls? After all, so many of us come up with our best ideas in the shower...why should this be any different?

What do you think of this creative alternative to wallpaper or traditional paint?

-If anyone knows the original source of this image, please let me know-

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