Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

As much as I have been talking about iridescent/metallic shoes and accessories (and basically any fashion style), I finally purchased a pair of shoes like the ones I had been eyeing. When I got caught in a crazy rainstorm the other day, I found myself stopping into H&M to browse  stay dry. Lucky for me, these blue and silver metallic sandals were on sale for $10. For a trend that may or may not stick around for long--even though I must admit, I am obsessed-- this great price, and the gloomy weather, made this purchase an easy one to make. In the summer, sandals are an obvious staple. Since I have gotten rather tired of wearing my basic black flats as my go-to, I am excited to see how I can incorporate these into my outfits and making them work as a creative nod to neutrals. Stay tuned!

If you're loving these as much as I do, head over to H&M and pick up a pair. There is also a great style of metallic blue heels for $15 that are waiting for you, as well. 

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