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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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I had always heard that the J.Crew sample sales were a must-go event, but had never ventured to one. Today was the first official day of the sale open to the public, so after work I decided to head over and check out the assortment of punchy prints, girl-meets-boy styles, and glitzy baubles. After a seemingly short hour long wait, the selection was not disappointing once inside. Above are some of my favorite pieces that were available. I left with the sequined striped pink skirt from their J.Crew collection line that was surprisingly discounted from it's original steep price tag. I absolutely love when a garment has a good weight and texture to it and this skirt, with it's infinite sequins, makes the most satisfying clinking noise when I walk. If you haven't checked out the sale yet, it is open until Sunday the 23rd of June at 260 5th Avenue (that's 260 Sample Sale for all of you sample sale regulars).

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