Two Thousand Thirteen

Monday, December 30, 2013

Well, 2013, it's been another year full of many firsts, fun, laughs, friends, and lots of hard work. As I attempt to pack for my trip of a lifetime in London with some of my closest friends, looking back on this past year I've chosen some of my favorite posts from this little blog of mine. Definitely one new years resolution that I plan on working particularly hard on is keeping posts regularly updated. Finding time for this space that I love is difficult, but means a lot to me, and in the end those are the best resolutions worth working towards. So, with that, hats off to you 2013 (get it--the hat in the image above--ha)! Lookin' forward to what you have in store 2014.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new years.

Got your sequins ready? I picked up a sparkly turquoise skirt today for my festivities!

Dress Up

Friday, December 20, 2013

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For today's Dress Up post, it's not necessarily a particular dress being featured, but a style and idea--sequins and glitter! When the holidays start to roll around, nearly every store has some sort of garment covered in glitz. Now that the holidays are in full-swing, it's almost as if the sparkling lights adorning the neighborhoods have found their way indoors and onto the clothes. When it comes to sequins, I'm not picky. Gold, matte gunmetal, pale pink or anywhere in between and I'm ready to throw it on and twirl. That can't be just me, right? With sparkly dresses specifically, I've found that I'm more a fan of simple silhouettes. The sequins say plenty enough and having a simple shape keeps the focus on the shine and allows you to appreciate the quality of the sparkle in itself without being distracted from the style of the dress. Although, I've got to admit, when anything is covered in sparkles I automatically pay attention. Have you all found any sparkly holiday dresses for Christmas or New Years yet? Surprisingly, I only own one. The dark navy sequins and open back keeps it exactly as I like it--simple but statement-making and reserved for special occasions.

Happy Friday and happy hunting!

What are you all up to this weekend? I'm heading to Austin, TX for a road trip with the family for some much needed outdoor trails and killer vintage. This girl needs a new pair of cowboy boots!

Gift Guide: For the Family

Thursday, December 19, 2013

1. / 2. / 3. / 4

I'll admit, I was embarrassingly a little late on my gift-giving this holiday. With Hanukkah happening over Thanksgiving break this year (so odd!), it certainly caught my whole family off guard. So, while home for Winter break, I was finally able to catch up. After all, it's the season of giving, right? I picked up simple gifts that while small, were meaningful and pieces that I truly thought that the people in my family would appreciate.
Mom- I had noticed that she has been really into small and decorative bags recently. For a woman who usually carries her life in her purse, a smaller bag was something that not only felt more practical and easier to carry, but was a fresh update to her accessory wardrobe, as well. I went with a small hexagonal style from Urban. With an attachable chain, you could wear it as a clutch for evening, or a fun geometric style for afternoon to add a simple but quick update to an otherwise possibly basic look. The featured piece in the collage above is from Asos. While slightly clunkier and larger than the one that I actually ended up purchasing for my mom, the boxy nature of the one above was inspiring as a shape in general.
Dad- Still looking for the perfect style, but my dad enjoys decorative office pieces such as letter openers and paper weights. Gold and bronze always amp up an office setting, and this fall themed pinecone letter opener seems like a simple yet professional style to not only keep on his desk as decoration, but serves a useful purpose for all of his office and personal mail, as well.
My Sister, Lauren- My sister has a thing for candles at the moment. I have yet to see her without at least four burning in her room at one time. After a long search with scents at many stores, I stuck with one where most of her candles come from--Urban Outfitters-- and picked up a classic and soothing smell in Lavender and Thyme to keep her relaxed when she is lounging or studying in her room. And, since she's not always in her room, I bought her these zodiac earrings with her sign (Sagittarius). She always has the coolest jewelry pieces that I could never pull off, but look amazing on her. These little earrings seemed to be right up her alley and the combination with the candle couldn't have seemed more like her in my book. 

What did you get (or are planning on getting) your family for the holidays? I'd love to hear!

Dress Up

Friday, December 6, 2013

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I've been drawn to everything pink lately (seen in this post). Currently in the process of making a pink top and pant set for my final in my draping class, it's safe to say that pink is constantly on my mind. In perusing inspiration for this week's Dress Up post, clearly this simple pink frock on Natalie Joos tugs at my heartstrings a bit. I love the simple shape and cut, but the slightly exaggerated sleeves (something I am doing to my garment, as well) and ways that she has chosen to style it (pale purple fur, sort of digital printed clutch, pink sunnies, and what seem like fuchsia suede heels) make it even more swoon-worthy. While I have seen plenty of perfect pink pieces (hey, alliteration!) lately, none of them have made their way into my wardrobe--yet. Natalie shows how with simple pieces you can either shift towards the minimal route and let the garment speak for itself or, in this case, add pieces to it that truly enhance the simplicity and special details in it anyway.

Three Ways: Lace Overalls Part III

Thursday, December 5, 2013

/ Topshop coat / Zara purse, heels, and button-down / Necessary Clothing overalls / Francesca's necklace /

For the final part of our overalls three ways mini series, what better way to finish off layering than with our new favorite print--camo. Remembering how versatile it was from this post, I pulled out this jacket that I needed when I bought last winter at Topshop, but couldn't figure out what to pair it with--until now. This short jacket (that came with a removable faux fur vest inside) is the perfect alternative to your traditional single colored and longer versions when you feel like adding either a little bit of interest to an outfit or, in this case, a lot. Since these are overalls, not pants, the short length of the jacket allows for them to be shown off a bit more which also allows the lace to be seen, as well. It's interesting how so many things feel like neutrals to me now. From hot pink then denim and now camouflage, fashion is much more fun when you aren't stuck on whether or not things match and instead, just keep playing with the pieces until you come up with a final product that you love.

Have you gotten any more confident in camouflage? I'd love to know!
As for our mini series, check out the three final looks below!

one / two / or three? / Which is your favorite?
I hope you enjoyed this mini series as much as I did. 

Three Ways: Lace Overalls Part II

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

/ Denim button-down, shoes and purse: Zara / Overalls: Necessary Clothing / Necklace: Francesca's but BaubleBar has the same one here! / 

I hope that you enjoyed the first part of this mini series yesterday. Continuing on, I am realizing that overalls are a lesson in layering. Whether you choose to wear something underneath them or not and how many layers you add can so easily switch up your look-which adds to the wearability overall. Taking off the paris sweatshirt from yesterday's post, now you are able to see the complete set of overalls. I really do love how everywhere except for the small set-in shorts is sheer, which also allows for more of the pieces that you are wearing underneath to show through. In this case, denim. For some reason, I love the lighter wash of the top with the black and white of the heels. And, while it is quite buttoned up, the look is far from stuffy. While there are still many different elements in today's look (stripes, denim, lace, jewels!), it is a bit toned down compared to yesterday's with the addition of a graphic sweatshirt. 

What do you think of overalls styled this way? Which is your favorite so far?
See the first part of the series here and look out for the final part tomorrow!

Three Ways: Lace Overalls Part I

Monday, December 2, 2013

/ Top: Zara (old) / Sweatshirt: Forever 21 / Overalls: Necessary Clothing / Purse: Zara / Heels: Zara / Necklace: Francesca's Collections /

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family, friends, and loved ones. Being home in Texas was a much needed break. I know If you follow me on Instagram (leshkoln), I had promised this post would be up on Thursday. However, I decided to take time and be with family instead so this series is here this week instead.

I am not a fan of denim overalls at all. Unless you have stats of a supermodel, I find them to be unflattering on mostly all that attempt at them. However, when I saw these black lace ones this past summer at Necessary Clothing in New York City, I decided overalls are acceptable in lace (and obviously leather versions). To show how wearable and versatile they can be, this week I have shot them in three ways. Today, I chose to feature them in the form of pants layered under a denim button-down and new favorite sweatshirt. For some reason when I was getting dressed, denim just seemed like an obvious pairing for the black lace. I love how they are a straight style, but have a wider opening at the leg that I think looks fabulous with heels. With built-in solid shorts at the top, the sheerness is wearable for day-time but still able to be easily dressed up and styled for a night out. 

What do you think of overalls styled this way? Stay tuned for part II of this series on Wednesday.

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