Three Ways: Lace Overalls Part III

Thursday, December 5, 2013

/ Topshop coat / Zara purse, heels, and button-down / Necessary Clothing overalls / Francesca's necklace /

For the final part of our overalls three ways mini series, what better way to finish off layering than with our new favorite print--camo. Remembering how versatile it was from this post, I pulled out this jacket that I needed when I bought last winter at Topshop, but couldn't figure out what to pair it with--until now. This short jacket (that came with a removable faux fur vest inside) is the perfect alternative to your traditional single colored and longer versions when you feel like adding either a little bit of interest to an outfit or, in this case, a lot. Since these are overalls, not pants, the short length of the jacket allows for them to be shown off a bit more which also allows the lace to be seen, as well. It's interesting how so many things feel like neutrals to me now. From hot pink then denim and now camouflage, fashion is much more fun when you aren't stuck on whether or not things match and instead, just keep playing with the pieces until you come up with a final product that you love.

Have you gotten any more confident in camouflage? I'd love to know!
As for our mini series, check out the three final looks below!

one / two / or three? / Which is your favorite?
I hope you enjoyed this mini series as much as I did. 

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