Friends + Fried Fruity Pebbles: Rodeo 2012 Part 2

Thursday, March 22, 2012

{me and leanna}
Being in college, I have made many great friends and amazing people. There is, though, something special about getting to see the people that I had spent my seven years throughout middle and high school with. When we get together, sometimes it's almost as if we never left.

{Julie and Laura}

{Michelle, Leanna, and Dani on The Superman}

{Me and Michelle}

So, while I won't be seeing these ladies until basically November for Thanksgiving break as we all have our various summer plans with everything from internships to international travel, I know that when the air starts to get it's crispness back into it here in Syracuse, that it will soon be time that we can all be reunited again. And, let me tell you, I am looking forward to it.

{Leanna, Michelle, and me}

Friends + Fried Fruity Pebbles: Rodeo 2012 Part 1

{Dani, Julie, Me, Leanna, Michelle, and Laura}- Photo from Julie

The Houston Lifestock Show and Rodeo (aka the rodeo), is an event that people of all ages in Houston look forward to every year. Running from late February to mid-March, it is filled to the brim with rides of all kinds, calf roping, pig racing, petting zoos, shopping, and of course, the well-known deep fried specialties. While I have been going to the rodeo for as long as I can remember with my family and friends, this particular trip to it was especially memorable as I was reunited with friends while we were home for our Spring Break. 

So, food... Though I was searching for Fried Coke, as I constantly talked about it finding it all year, fried fruity pebbles (seen above) was definitely one of the top for oddest fried food for this year. It was, however, tied with fried kool-aid. While we didn't go for the fried fruity cereal, Leanna and I opted for a fried brownie for her, and fried cookie dough for me...needless to say, the only bites we really took were those taken for the pictures.

And...let's not forget Michelle's fried zucchini
{Note the fried kool-aid}

Since the very essence of the rodeo is a livestock show, of course we had to attend the petting zoo. Though the large llama is our favorite every year, there were definitely some runners up when it came to baby sheep, goats, and even a pig.

Gingham + Chambray

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{My mom's beautiful Lucchese cowboy boots I borrowed}

The rodeo is that one time of year that every Houstonian who always makes fun of the typical Texas stereotypes pulls out their cowboy boots, hats, and Western themed garb for what some many wait for all year. Though when I was younger, my floor length cow-print prairie skirt and black fringed vest was my go-to rodeo ensemble, this year, I felt that a mixture of a comfortable chambray button down, fun red and white gingham skirt and the classic cowboy boots was a perfect combination of rodeo classic with an updated twist.

{Gilly Hicks button-down, Forever 21 skirt and belt, Lucchese boots, Michael Kors watch}

Bellville, Brenham, and Blue Bell Oh My! Part 2

{a very excited dad at the Blue Bell factory}

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, my dad had never ventured out to the Blue Bell factory as most Houston-area raised kids have. It was fun to not only get to go with him to go on a day trip with him during my spring break, but it was fun for me to get to see him enjoy something that we could get to do together without worrying him worrying about work or me about school. Instead, we just got to learn about ice cream, eat it, and drive through Texas. Sounds pretty good to me. 

{Note the Blue Bell factory hats}

Overall, the day was fun, meaningful, (definitely) delicious, and relaxing. Though Houston isn't anywhere near as bustling as a city as New York, it certainly has a hurried quality to it every once in a while. Getting out, even for a day, for some country roads, and extra Texan accents does a girl good-- and what better to do to cure that than to visit an Ice Cream factory? I highly recommend it. With tours being only 45 minutes long, there is certainly enough time to explore all of the antique stores and bluebonnet fields surrounding the area. And, with your tour, you even get a free scoop of ice cream. Sounds sweet. 

{Really enjoyed these long, windy Texas hill country roads}

Bellville, Brenham, and Blue Bell Oh My! Part 1

Monday, March 19, 2012

{Old Navy dress, Banana Republic shoes, Michael Kors watch, and Target purse}

Last Tuesday for Spring Break, my dad and I took a road trip through part of Texas. Since my dad had never been to the Blue Bell ice cream factory, a trip that basically every Texas toddler takes at least once, we ventured out to Brenham (and several towns along the way) for a perfect dad and daughter excursion.

Bellville was a small and cute town that you drive through on the way to Brenham. Filled with small-town businesses, typical Texan stores, a jail museum, and family run restaurants, it is the perfect quick stop to take pictures and take a break from the (short) drive.

{Some Texas rodes are just so perfectly country}

{Obviously had to represent some Texas pride, y'all}

Our trip to Brenham was a great trip to go on to squeeze in some family time with my dad. Driving through Bellville though, was just what I needed to get the right amount of Texas lovin' back into my heart and soul. 

Stay tuned for the rest of our excursion!

Striped Situation

Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Gap jeans, Topshop booties, Urban Outfitters sweater, Francesca's necklace, J.Crew trench coat, Michael Kors watch}

While at home, it was definitely odd to realize that the norm for the temperature was no longer mid forties or fifties. Though this outfit was certainly too warm for a whole day of the eighty degree weather that we in Houston were having, with the extreme light-weight of the sweater and the comfortableness of the jeans, I was in good shape for the time being. 

Adding to the overall comfort aspect of this outfit, these Topshop booties are the perfect combination of fun and comfortable. They instantly make me taller while still being able to easily walk in them as well--a quality that every girl desires in a perfect pair of shoes. 

Warm Weathered Wear

Friday, March 16, 2012

{Urban Outfitters Sweater, American Apparel Shorts, Boutique 9 Boots, Michael Kors Watch, OPI Polish,  Absolute Socks}

Since I arrived back home in Houston, Texas last Saturday, the weather has been nothing but warm. While for me lately to qualify as "hot" can be anything above sixty degrees now, a combination of a chunky sweater, hi-waisted denim, and some rustic boots seemed like the perfect outfit for a sixty degree Houston day.

So, even though the weather is something that I have definitely had to get used to for the soon week that I have been home, the warmer temperatures definitely have their advantages. I'm going to enjoy it while I can before it's back to 'Cuse and cooler degrees.

Nail It

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Since becoming increasingly interested in blogs within the past few years, I have enjoyed watching all of the helpful tutorials, beautiful videos, and getting to see the bloggers and their clothes interact and move in a whole new manner than they would have through only pictures. The videos and clips help to add another layer of connection between the blogger and all of his or her followers in a new way. In Time Arts, we were working on videos to show Simultaneity. I tweaked mine slightly to turn it into just a fun video with nail polish and of painting your nails.

Nail It from Leah Shkolnick on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jess Pupkin for letting me film her
Music: Laisse tomber les filles by France Gall
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