Friends + Fried Fruity Pebbles: Rodeo 2012 Part 1

Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Dani, Julie, Me, Leanna, Michelle, and Laura}- Photo from Julie

The Houston Lifestock Show and Rodeo (aka the rodeo), is an event that people of all ages in Houston look forward to every year. Running from late February to mid-March, it is filled to the brim with rides of all kinds, calf roping, pig racing, petting zoos, shopping, and of course, the well-known deep fried specialties. While I have been going to the rodeo for as long as I can remember with my family and friends, this particular trip to it was especially memorable as I was reunited with friends while we were home for our Spring Break. 

So, food... Though I was searching for Fried Coke, as I constantly talked about it finding it all year, fried fruity pebbles (seen above) was definitely one of the top for oddest fried food for this year. It was, however, tied with fried kool-aid. While we didn't go for the fried fruity cereal, Leanna and I opted for a fried brownie for her, and fried cookie dough for me...needless to say, the only bites we really took were those taken for the pictures.

And...let's not forget Michelle's fried zucchini
{Note the fried kool-aid}

Since the very essence of the rodeo is a livestock show, of course we had to attend the petting zoo. Though the large llama is our favorite every year, there were definitely some runners up when it came to baby sheep, goats, and even a pig.

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