Bellville, Brenham, and Blue Bell Oh My! Part 1

Monday, March 19, 2012

{Old Navy dress, Banana Republic shoes, Michael Kors watch, and Target purse}

Last Tuesday for Spring Break, my dad and I took a road trip through part of Texas. Since my dad had never been to the Blue Bell ice cream factory, a trip that basically every Texas toddler takes at least once, we ventured out to Brenham (and several towns along the way) for a perfect dad and daughter excursion.

Bellville was a small and cute town that you drive through on the way to Brenham. Filled with small-town businesses, typical Texan stores, a jail museum, and family run restaurants, it is the perfect quick stop to take pictures and take a break from the (short) drive.

{Some Texas rodes are just so perfectly country}

{Obviously had to represent some Texas pride, y'all}

Our trip to Brenham was a great trip to go on to squeeze in some family time with my dad. Driving through Bellville though, was just what I needed to get the right amount of Texas lovin' back into my heart and soul. 

Stay tuned for the rest of our excursion!

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