Very Versailles

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

/ Jacket: GAP / Dress: Zara (old) / Belt + Ankle Boots: Target / Tights: H&M / Sunnies: NYC Street Vendor                           / Lipstick: Revlon / 

Again, I apologize for delayed posts. Since getting back from our early Spring Break, trip to Paris and Italy, and all of the assignments, I've been pretty exhausted. Still, I'm workin' on it to bring back the frequent content to 85 Dresses. 

As a result of the delay, these photos were taken a few weeks ago on our last day in Paris at the incredible Versailles. As this was my first (!) trip to Paris, traveling to Versailles for the day was extremely exciting, as it is a place that like many others, I had learned about in school and couldn't wait to see the luxury of it in person. While I found Paris overall to be fairly fancy and formal, when it came to getting dressed for Versailles, I figured that a gold sequin belt, classic red lipstick in my favorite shade, and rose adorned sunglasses were musts. Couldn't you picture Marie Antoinette having dozens of these sunnies if she lived during our time? To keep all of the extras a little toned down (but still with the pizazz that they add to the look) pairing them with a classic pleated dress and leather jacket created the effect that I was going for to feel a little extra glam for a place that was definitely full of it, too!

Style Photos by Indradevi Nuon

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