Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2011

With so much goodness over the past year, what's not to be thankful for? I am so blessed to have such incredible family, my friends both old and new, and to be able to go to the school of my dreams to study something that I love immensely. I wish everyone the same for the holiday season and the soon year to come and enjoy as much tofurky and pumpkin pie as your holiday attire can stand. And, just so you know, those leaves are what real fall looks like in Syracuse.

What are you thankful for?

Dress Up

Friday, November 18, 2011

Originally, I had intended on posting a dress that I was lusting after during the week every Friday. However, with the start of this blog (finally) during part of the busiest times of classes a few weeks ago, I never ended up being able to do it. However, with something that I had to take care of early this morning instead of sleeping in, here is the dress that I am currently wishing would place itself in my closet.

The dress of the week: Preen

With the holidays approaching faster and faster, just like the LBD is perfect for anything, it is almost certain that a red dress (or a sparkly one) is perfect for the holidays. This dress by Preen brings the warmth of the holidays with its bright cherry red color and intricate beading on the bodice. With an exposed zipper on the back and a full skirt, I am sure that any girl would love to twirl in this (me included).

Have a great Friday!

Lipstick Jungle

Thursday, November 17, 2011

There is something that I have always loved about lipstick. I love the way that it can instantly make even your simplest of outfits feel fashionable and can lift up your mood with one smooth swipe across your lips. Of course, there is nothing chicer than a bright red to bring out your inner French gal, but with so many amazing shades and finishes (matte, shiny, even the ombre trend) there are an endless number of possibilities that can make your day feel fancier just by adding some pop to that pout.

With two days left until I board the plane back to Houston, Texas, I am definitely going to pack my new assortments of lipstick (including: Revlon's "Orange Flip" and "Cherry Ice"and Chanel's "Boy") and experiment with incorperating them into my wardrobe more often.

Pretty Pickin's

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spending fourteen hours in the design studio on Friday to finish a skirt in one night, samples, a woodshop project for Dimensional Arts, and three midterm papers for art history definitely add to a stressful last few weeks before Thanksgiving. Though I am usually an expert at keeping calm and taking the tasks one at a time on my to-do list, it can manage to get quite overwhelming and to relax a little, I search for things that will inspire me, projects I want to try, goods I want to make, and how in 11 days now I'll be able to relax.

Here are some of the pretty pickin's that I've found this week:

1. A mustard yellow antique door

2. A hairstyle to be tried over Thanksgiving break

3. Words to remember during any time of stress (even if it might not always be a beautiful day)

4. How cool are these pencil/hi-lighter hybrids?

So whatever your stress is getting on you for lately, take a break, research the things that you love or wish to try out in the future and focus on the fact that after you finish you can try all of them and before you know it, you'll be cranking through your work full of inspiration and a stronger work-ethic.


Pop Rocks

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home decor has always been something that I am interested in. I constantly think of how I will decorate and fill my future apartment, and in what style I will choose. In looking through my inspiration folder of images I am drawn to, I realize that my style as of now often contradicts itself. Contradictions in the sense of style and design keep us inspired and allow for innovative ways to incorporate our favorite pieces together harmoniously. In following with the previous post on Marcel Duchamp  Rrose Selavy, I found this quote that embodies how contradictions can really lead the path to creativity.

" I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste."
-Marcel Duchamp 

I realize that while I am most definitely a color fanatic, I also am always stunned when an all white room can not only look crisp and heavenly, but also cozy and oh-so chic. So while I love an all white room in every sense, just a small pop of color can completes it for me. 

{123, 4}

Why Not Sneeze Rrose Selavy?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In my Art History class, we are currently studying Dadaism and Surrealism. With these art movements, one obviously cannot pass up Marcel Duchamp, the French artist most associated with the two. Aside from his interesting and seemingly random pieces such as his "fountain", he was also a famed cross dresser often displaying himself as Rrose Selavy. My professor declared the following class as "Rrose Selavy Day" in which my classmates and I received extra credit if we take part and celebrate by cross dressing.
So, in thinking of Marcel Duchamp (and Rrose Selavy), here are some of my current favorite menswear inspired pieces.

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