Lipstick Jungle

Thursday, November 17, 2011

There is something that I have always loved about lipstick. I love the way that it can instantly make even your simplest of outfits feel fashionable and can lift up your mood with one smooth swipe across your lips. Of course, there is nothing chicer than a bright red to bring out your inner French gal, but with so many amazing shades and finishes (matte, shiny, even the ombre trend) there are an endless number of possibilities that can make your day feel fancier just by adding some pop to that pout.

With two days left until I board the plane back to Houston, Texas, I am definitely going to pack my new assortments of lipstick (including: Revlon's "Orange Flip" and "Cherry Ice"and Chanel's "Boy") and experiment with incorperating them into my wardrobe more often.

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