Blue Bottomed

Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Madewell blouse, H&M shorts, Michael Kors watch, Chanel's "Rouge Allure Velvet" 37 lipstick, and Aldo sandals}

With summer officially kicked off because of Memorial Day, the heat sure has made it's appearance here in NYC. With the temperature as hot as it's been, nothing feels better than the lightest clothes to provide a blocker from the sun. This is one of my favorite blouses that I have had for a few years now. I love the sort of kaleidoscope and floral look that it has to it and the way that the colors pair with the bright blue shorts is a combination that I was really into. This shows that even if you wear a bright and patterned top, you don't have to make only that a focal point--even by adding the colored shorts, the shirt still manages to shine as well. 

{We even met this adorable Pomeranian named Tarzan who was looking for a home--Adopt him! So Sweet}

Tri Colored Collar

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Necessary Clothing blouse, Gap Body tank, Zara skirt, Steve Madden Shoes, Forever 21 necklace (I think), Michael Kors watch, and Chanel's "Rouge Allure Velvet 37" lipstick}

If you can't tell, I have been in a crazy collar lovin' situation. I find them to be an amazing way to completely change a top from basic to beautiful. This is a three part collar that I was drawn to for it's interesting color combination of black, indigo, and pale pink, it's longer back, and it's sheer quality--also which I have been quite the fan of lately. I loved the way that the clunky shoes paired with the delicate blouse and dainty pointed necklace.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{Forever 21 dress, belt, and cardigan, Michael Kors Watch, and Madewell oxfords}

Although I love to dress differently everyday and try out new styles, studs were something that I was more hesitant for. While they used to be reserved for more "rocker" wear, they have been found lately as a perfect juxtaposition to more feminine pieces such as this Forever 21 dress, or delicate eyelet jackets like this one that I have been eyeing from Zara. When I found this dress last week, it was a combination of many favorites: it was navy, had a ladylike quality to it, and even incorporated this studding. Perfect match.

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 28, 2012


Today is Memorial Day and though I have been out of school for a few weeks already now, it is officially the start of summer. However, while many Americans sadly only know Memorial Day for it's holiday sales and summer start, it actually has a much more heartfelt backstory. Memorial Day is meant to be a day of remembrance for those in the Untied States Armed Forces that we have unfortunately lost in battle in their brave efforts to protect our country to keep it safe for everyone. With the remainder of US Navy, Marines, and Coast Guarders still wandering New York City for Fleet Week, their presence reminds me that I should be thankful for everything that they do, even though they are not always in my eyesight. 
So, if you see anyone that is fighting for our country, today or any day, take a moment to thank them for all that they do for all of us...

And a very happy official start of summer to all of you.

Dress Up

Friday, May 25, 2012

I am absolutely in love with this dress. Found on Asos by the Asos Collection, it is a great dress for a summer day out. With a black and white print, there are endless possibilities to add pops of color without overwhelming the whole look. Here, the dress is shown with a pastel blue belt. I think it would look great with a neon yellow one or a punchy coral hue. Although the gingerbread men may seem like a rather juvenile idea for a pattern, instead, they add a sense of whimsy and are a fun and unique take on a print.

How would you accessorize this look? Would you ever wear a gingerbread man print?

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a lovely three day weekend.

Fleet Week

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fleet Week Lovin'

Ever since I saw the episode on SATC when the girls get excited over the beginning of fleet week, I wondered if this event where an abundance of attractive military men (and women too) explore New York after docking in the harbor and soon marking the beginning of summer. Well, today I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted them. Decked out in their neatly pressed uniforms of mostly patriotic white, red, and navy, I was inspired by their clean lines, gold accented details, and mostly nautical style.

Are you a nautical fan? More of a fan of simple stripes or attracted to anchors?

Florals + Stripes

{J. Crew sweater, American Apparel skirt, Michael Kors watch, Madewell oxfords, and Essie's "Bordeaux" nail polish}

I have been really into combining unexpected patterns together lately. Before, I would always plan these delightfully mixed patterned pieces together, admiring the girls that could pull of this look so flawlessly, but I never ended up leaving the house wearing them. So, yesterday I decided to risk it. There is something that seems so "fail-proof" about combining a delicate floral skirt in a ladylike shape with a more defined and boxy fitted striped sweater. I went through the day feeling creative, stylish, and proud for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. After all, fashion is meant to be fun and to experiment. 

Sensationally Seafoam

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{Francesca's necklace, Michael Kors watch, Free People bandeau (under top), Urban bandeau (white), 9 Three Two skirt, Aldo sandals, and Essie's "Bordeaux" nail polish}

There are some days--okay, many days-- when I wake up and just feel the need to get extra dressed. When I bought this skirt last summer, it's color literally left me awestruck. Before these past few seasons, it wasn't really popular and this was a color and a style that I was unfamiliar with. Both of which were reasons why it later ended up in my closet. There is something about wearing a maxi skirt--as well as one in a pale color-- that adds an elegance to how a person walks. Being additionally cautious as to where I walk and the sleekness of my steps to make the fabric sway across my legs were just the feminine and dressy touch that I had hoped for in dressing this morning. 

Oreo Truffles

Monday, May 21, 2012


When you're in college and a craving hits, you either have to gather up the cash and order-in online or get creative and improvise. One night, I came home and my friends had made these. Yes, they weren't rounded into balls, truthfully who can resist trying them before they are rounded anyway, but they tasted just as good on their paper plate as they do rounded to perfection. Ever since then, they have been a sure win for when I'm in the mood to bake something with all of the fun included and not as many ingredients. I made these for work last Friday, and made a double batch because of the knowledge of their success.

As seen above, the ingredients are plain and simple

Oreo Truffles: Double Batch

1. Two containers of Oreo's "Double Stuf" cookies.
2. One 16 oz. container of Creme Cheese-- regular or whipped works

Really, that's it.

{ Step 1: Crush the cookies one bag at a time until they are nice and crumbled to your liking }

{ Step 2: Mix in all of the creme cheese with the two bags of crushed Oreos }

{ Step 3: Roll into balls about the size of when your thumb touches your pointer finger }

{ Step 4: Pop these babies in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy! } 

Ugly, yes, but they sure are delightful to the taste and the perfect size to indulge in to get that sweet decadent flavor of the childhood cookie that we all enjoyed so much. 

Have fun and enjoy!

Dress Up

Friday, May 18, 2012

When I think of dressing for summers in New York City, I think of dresses that are easy to wear and can take me from a day sipping iced coffees outside to a late night event somewhere or another. This dress from Necessary Clothing does just that. With it's fun combination of lime and mint greens, it works as well transitioning from spring to summer as it does from day to night. The addition of the contrasting collar and sheer quality of the fabric make it right on trend as well, and who could resist its flattering and adorable shape and overall style? Not me, that's for sure.

Happy Friday, everyone!

What are all of you up to this weekend? I will be spending it shopping with my mom, renting bikes with the beautiful weather NYC has been having these past few days, and taking too many pictures.

Abstracts Attract

Thursday, May 17, 2012

{Forever 21 dress, Urban Outfitters headband, Michael Kors watch, Aldo sandals, and Essie's "Bordeaux" nail polish}

In art, abstract pieces are often frustrating. It is hard to understand what is being portrayed by the artist, as well as what the artist was hoping to get across. However, as frustrating as they may be at times, they always intrigue me. I wonder things such as how the idea cultivated in their head, and why they felt like sharing. When i saw this dress, it's interesting and abstract pattern were attracting. Though the combination of triangles and other jagged primary colored shapes against the dark contrasting background are not as abstract as the paintings mentioned before, they still managed to hold that same curiosity and interest. 

Tweet Affection

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{GAP kids jacket, Zara dress, Michael Kors watch, Jessica Simpson heels, "Orange Flip" lipstick}

When I saw this dress at Zara, there are many reasons of why it ended up coming home with me that day. From it's contrasting collar and ribbon around the waist to it's pastel colored swallow print and light yellow color, I knew it was a win. With a pair of neutral heels and a favorite old denim jacket, a swipe of a great pop of color for lipstick brightened up the look overall.

Flower Power

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Forever 21 dress, Steve Madden shoes, Michael Kors watch}

When I saw this dress at Forever 21 a few months ago, I knew it would be perfect for the summer. With it's bold floral pattern, perfect cut, and interesting crochet panel along the mid-section, it was definitely something that was not seen in my closet before. A great piece to dress up with heels--as seen here-- or a pair of leather sandals for running around, it's a fun dress that is both easy and fun to wear. 

Rhythm 'n Blue

Monday, May 14, 2012

{Criss Cross blouse from Francesca's/ By Corpus skirt from Urban/ Faryl by Farylrobin shoes/ Michael Kors Watch}

There is something that seems eternally elegant about a good navy blue. Whether on a more casual garment or something more aimed at evening wear, it always has that ever classic vibe. Though I purchased this shirt over spring break, I hadn't added it to an outfit since. I love all of the small details that cover it with everything from the small buttons up the front, to the ruffles along the sleeves. 

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