An Apology

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Between finals, getting sick, packing up and moving out of my dorm, and completing my freshman year of college, saying that I was busy is an understatement. However, I hope that you know how much I really do value this blog. Knowing that it has been a month (!) since I posted last, expect for me to definitely ramp up the pace on these posts. I have to admit, not only time shortage has kept me from here. Much too often had I wanted nothing more than to blog. However, I was short on ideas. Fret no more though, readers! I have been building up ideas to share with all of you, and am hoping that you will like them just as much as I am hoping you will too. So, don't leave just quite yet. 85 Dresses is going to be back and moving just like she used to.

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