Oreo Truffles

Monday, May 21, 2012


When you're in college and a craving hits, you either have to gather up the cash and order-in online or get creative and improvise. One night, I came home and my friends had made these. Yes, they weren't rounded into balls, truthfully who can resist trying them before they are rounded anyway, but they tasted just as good on their paper plate as they do rounded to perfection. Ever since then, they have been a sure win for when I'm in the mood to bake something with all of the fun included and not as many ingredients. I made these for work last Friday, and made a double batch because of the knowledge of their success.

As seen above, the ingredients are plain and simple

Oreo Truffles: Double Batch

1. Two containers of Oreo's "Double Stuf" cookies.
2. One 16 oz. container of Creme Cheese-- regular or whipped works

Really, that's it.

{ Step 1: Crush the cookies one bag at a time until they are nice and crumbled to your liking }

{ Step 2: Mix in all of the creme cheese with the two bags of crushed Oreos }

{ Step 3: Roll into balls about the size of when your thumb touches your pointer finger }

{ Step 4: Pop these babies in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy! } 

Ugly, yes, but they sure are delightful to the taste and the perfect size to indulge in to get that sweet decadent flavor of the childhood cookie that we all enjoyed so much. 

Have fun and enjoy!

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