Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One of my favorite parts about summer are the shoes. There is always that one girl that you know who has the perfect collection of "go-with-anything" shoes that completes her outfit in the simplest but put-together way. While for me those have been my black Steve Madden heeled wedges that I have had for years, they have been loved greatly and my search for a new and improved version has begun. Though these Dolce Vita heeled sandals are not really anything like my beloved wedges (heels vs wedge, green vs black, strappy vs solid), I couldn't go through the page without admiring the rich color of the emerald and the way that they would perfectly pair with slouchy boyfriend jeans or a breezy mini dress.

Do you have a pair of summer heeled sandals that always finish your outfit amazingly?

A to Z: Sun Yellow

Monday, April 29, 2013

Yellow is one of those colors that people either love or they hate. While members of the yellow family (think: marigolds and pastel yellows) are more popularly worn, bright sun yellow is usually not. With all of the sun that Syracuse has been having towards the end of the school year finally, sun yellow is the perfect "S" for this week's A to Z.

1. Usually during rainy days adding a pop of color with my umbrella is my best bet among a sea of black Hunters and rain jackets. This Tibi Rubberized Pea Coat adds the sun yellow on a day where maybe there is none, and with its classic shape and fit, can be worn on perfect weather days, as well.

2. While I am not one to sport sunglasses, I am actually quite a fan of them. There are so many shapes and styles out right now from super geometric and mod to extremely decorated almost works of art, that I can't help but be intrigued. I love the way that these are slightly geometric with their angular uppers and in a bright yellow to reflect the bright day that is causing you to wear them.

3. One of my favorite outfits right now is the short suit. I think that it is such a fresh take on a suit and when worn and styled correctly can be very glam. These No. 21 Floral Silk Shorts can just as easily be fabulous worn with a white T-shirt and gold necklace as they can with a matching blazer and pair of stilettos for a night out. Their silky fabric makes them more evening appropriate, and can also add that same sense of dress up, but with the ease and comfort of a pair of silky pajama shorts.

4. We all know how popular the fabric and leather baseball caps are in the blogger and fashion world lately. Though I haven't been brave enough to sport one out in public (yet), I am obsessed. With my love for mixing tomboyish style with feminine pieces, I have mentally paired countless outfits together topping them off with a cap as the finishing touch. This SKULLS one covered in lemons would be adorable with a crisp white summer dress and nude sandals.

Dress Up

Friday, April 26, 2013

Now that the weather has been cooperating for the past few days (70's!), I am definitely hoping that it is here to stay. With the school year almost ending, nothing makes me happier than the idea of baring my arms and legs for whippy dresses in bright hues and footwear other than riding boots. For this week's dress, I was instantly drawn to the punchy coral, classic and lady-like shape--but not boring, and overall fresh feel of this dress and picture in general. When spring weather hits, which it finally has here in Syracuse, it really does add a special extra spring to your step and this image captures that to me for sure. Is anyone also loving the flush in her cheeks that matches the color of her dress? I am.

What are you all up to this weekend? 
It's Mayfest here so I'm being prepared for one too many flower crowns and crop tops. 
Have a great one.

Home Improvement

Thursday, April 25, 2013

When I was younger, one of my favorite parts about going on a vacation was staying in the hotel rooms. While I obviously was excited about seeing sights other than my Houston neighborhood, there was always something about pretending that this new, perfectly clean, and well organized room was actually mine. To this day, one of the things that I still am fond of in hotels is their white sheets and upholstery fabrics. Sitting on a white couch or climbing into a bed with crisp white sheets makes you extra cautious to not do anything to change the perfect white appearance. Now that sixty degree weather has been somewhat of a regular here in Syracuse for the past few days, it got me thinking about spaces that always provide a sense of freshness like the season of spring does. For me, that feeling is always associated with white hotel linens and plenty of beautiful and natural light like in the image above.

What kind of interiors do you associate with spring?

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