Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 28, 2012


Today is Memorial Day and though I have been out of school for a few weeks already now, it is officially the start of summer. However, while many Americans sadly only know Memorial Day for it's holiday sales and summer start, it actually has a much more heartfelt backstory. Memorial Day is meant to be a day of remembrance for those in the Untied States Armed Forces that we have unfortunately lost in battle in their brave efforts to protect our country to keep it safe for everyone. With the remainder of US Navy, Marines, and Coast Guarders still wandering New York City for Fleet Week, their presence reminds me that I should be thankful for everything that they do, even though they are not always in my eyesight. 
So, if you see anyone that is fighting for our country, today or any day, take a moment to thank them for all that they do for all of us...

And a very happy official start of summer to all of you.

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