The Great Graphite

Monday, June 3, 2013

//Skirt: Forever 21//Tank: Topshop//Boots+Purse: Target//Watch: Michael Kors//Ring: H&M//Necklace: Street Vendor in Austin, TX//

Do you guys have certain things that you seemingly always buy on impulse? After a long dedication to pleated skirts, I thought that my love of them had dwindled and been brought to a close until I ventured into the clearance section at Forever 21 last week. Though this is the section usually filled with missing sequin clubbing skirts, drab faux furs, and assorted miscellaneous trinkets, this pleated graphite metallic skirt caught my eye. While the fabric is somewhat reminiscent of a trash-bag, in both the sound it makes and the texture, the $10 price tag and way it sparkled when it caught the light definitely caught my attention, as well. When I wore this skirt this past weekend, I kept the rest of the components of my outfit in the neutral range with my purse, boots, and minimal but still statement-worthy jewelry. Needless to say, my love of pleats is anything but shaken, and the clearance section at Forever 21 will definitely be more frequently visited.

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seeaster said...

Pretty skirt Leah! Let's be bloggin' buddies (:
- Sara E.

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