Kendra Scott

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Going to college in the East Coast, I sometimes forget how trends differ depending on location. This summer while I was at home in Texas, I repeatedly came across friends wearing bright and simple jewelry pieces that were worn with everything from cuttoffs to cocktail dresses. Time after time, I was told they were 'Kendra'. I soon learned that the 'Kendra' was in reference to none other than jewelry designer and Texas native, Kendra Scott. As much as statement necklaces are fun to wear, Kendra's pieces make every bit of that statement, while also being classic pieces that you will wear on a daily basis. Below I gathered four of my favorites. I love how they are all delicate pieces, but still manage to have a bit of a raw and organic shape to them, as well. 

Are you a fan of Kendra Scott's jewelry? What is your favorite piece of hers? I'd love to know.

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