Fanned out florals

Monday, June 25, 2012

{ Forever 21 blouse, H&M skirt, Michael Kors watch, and Aldo sandals }

Yes you are looking at yet another picture including a pleated garment. However, this skirt is far different than any of the others. When I saw this skirt at H&M believe me, I resisted. I thought to myself "Leah, do you really need another pleated skirt"? But, when I went to touch it, as I often do when deciding on a piece of clothing, it was made of an amazing and almost neoprene material. I found it interesting how such a seemingly feminine skirt with it's great fuchsia color and accordion fanned out pleats could be made of such an athletic and sporty material. I love the way that the pleats are so structured and hold their shape and the length is so ladylike. So friends, for these reasons, it made it's way into my wardrobe...pleats being just an added bonus. 

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