Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I had been hearing amazing praises about Sockerbit, the fairly new Swedish candy store in the West Village, for some time now. Up until this past weekend, I had assumed that aside from being Swedish and trendy there was nothing different about it. However, with my dad visiting for father's day, we stepped into the white walled store with pops of neon from the candies and bright lettering and were pleasantly surprised.

For $12.99 a pound, you can scoop your colorful goodies into little candy bags and try and resist from filling the bag completely to the top. We tried everything from turquoise sour candy octopi to chocolate covered banana flavored marshmallows. With all of the excitement of an old fashioned candy store in a new and modern way--and definitely with a more upscale and fun twist--I am happy to say that we loved this store and will surely be visiting again soon. 

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