POI: Elizabeth Olsen

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In researching Elizabeth Olsen as a source of killer hair inspiration, I became quite drawn to her sense of style, as well. The Elizabeth in her sisters' (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, that is) line, Elizabeth and James, Liz Olsen sticks to mostly neutrals when it comes to dressing. While she keeps her colors to a minimum, I noticed that one of the garment styles that she frequently exhibits is none other than a form of jacket or coat. I am a strong believer in having a jacket pull a look together, and Elizabeth Olsen definitely demonstrates that. From a head to toe velvet rust-colored suit to a creme shaw colored jacket. Her style has a certain nod to the easy glamour of the seventies but with an updated twist when it comes to lengths and styling. Although her hairstyle is what initially brought me to her, it is her style in addition that made me stay.

What do you think about Elizabeth Olsen's style? Do you have a favorite Olsen sister when it comes to fashion and style?

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