POI: Twiggy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ever since we learned about the sixties in fashion history this semester, I have been completely infatuated with the style and those involved in making it what it was. One of these influential people was none other than sixties fashion icon, Twiggy. Twiggy,whose given name was Leslie Hornby, was a British teenage model who was known for her thin lanky build, short hair, and large eyes. While many assumed her nickname, Twiggy, came from her her skinny limbs, it was also assumed to be from how she would do her bottom lashes with mascara separated like little twigs. While she was often known for her androgynous style, she was often wearing little A-line and baby doll dresses. In looking at photographs of her from the sixties during her modeling career, I love her fresh-faced look and not going to lie, I might even brave a pixie-bob if it made made me look anything like Twiggy.

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