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Thursday, May 9, 2013

When I came home from my finishing my Sophomore year of college last week, I came home to a literal home improvement. While I was away, my parents had changed our stairs from being covered in an old, grey-ish carpet, to clean hardwood ones. It's amazing what something as simple as going from carpet to wood can do to a part of a space and it got me thinking about alternative stairs, an aspect to some homes that is often neglected--as was ours. In perusing favorite interior sites, I had seen everything from turning parts of the stairs into hide-away storage units, to mirrored stairs for a definite sparkle lover. However, one of the ones that stuck with me was a set of beautifully painted floral stairs (seen above). While to some it may seem unnecessarily decorative, I thought of how unique it might be to instead of having paintings, these stairs were in a perfectly white staircase and the only color came from the steps. There surely is something quite whimsical, but not too quirky about these stairs, and it will definitely make me pay more attention to spaces that are otherwise left unnoticed. 

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