Gallery Girls

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

//Dress: Forever 21//Heels: Sam Edelman//Purse: Christian Siriano//Watch: Michael Kors//Ring: H&M//Necklace: From Austin, TX//

When I was in high school I was really interested in pursuing a career in art working in galleries and interacting with artists on a regular basis. While people that are actually a part of the Art world may completely disagree with me, when I put this look together, this specific type of art gallery girl is what I had in mind. When I used to study what these girls would wear that I was so infatuated with, they always had dresses composed of perfect simplicity and easy details that really made them what they were. I am not really fond of hi-low garments, but when it comes to asymmetry, like seen in this dress, I'm all in. The slanted sections of this dress, as well as the dropped sleeve addition on the right really make the piece. Not only did these girls have the best black dresses, but their accessories seemed to be what stole the show. Though their clothes were muted in color, the accessories often made up for it. This Christian Siriano neon chartreuse faux croc bag (similar bag here) is one of my favorites not only for it's shocking color and statement-worthy appearance, but for it's ability to constantly seem to complete outfits by simply adding it to the mix. So while I ended up pursuing a career in the fashion industry instead of in art, I still regularly cite gallery girls and people involved in the art world as a source of inspiration not only in art, but style, as well. 

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