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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Have you ever seen things differently after you start taking interest in a new trend or activity? When Madewell came out with their 'map view' print, I began taking an interest in maps of all kinds. While we don't really look at traditional paper versions as often as we used to on travel excursions and road trips and turn to the digital iPhone, Mapquest, or GPS version, I think that there is something so intricate and interesting about them. It takes a great amount of skill to layout and organize an entire area of a place. For this week's Home Improvement, the kitchen above with the large wall map in a black, white, and grey palette creates an interesting sort of wallpaper and art piece at the same time. In keeping the furniture to a simple style and neutral, natural colors, the focus is clearly on the wall and doesn't make the rest of the room boring.

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