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Thursday, May 23, 2013

When it comes to pink, things can get tricky really fast. Naturally, the color is full of girly qualities to begin with, so it can easily err on the side of super-feminine or sometimes even juvenile. While I love nearly all shades of pink, playing with the femininity of the color with some earthy textures and colors     [seen in the fur throw on the wooden chair, table decorations, and wall paintings], help to make the pink more of a relaxing neutral than an over-the-top girly setting. 

How would you style a pink room? All-out feminine or mixin' it up?

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jd pab said...

Congratulations! I feel your pain re carpet in the bathroom - we have it, too and it really makes me feel better that someone else had to live with the same thing until they could afford to replace it!Hopefully, mine will be gone in another year!


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