Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Loeffler Randall has been a brand that I always keep a watch on. I have always been particularly fond of their ankle boots and flats, but never really took notice of their heel selections until recently. The company defines its style as a "mix of refined sophistication and downtown cool" and if you're familiar with their products, I would say that their definition is pretty spot-on. I used to have a strong love of scalloped detailing. I thought that my love of the feminine curved edges had left but upon seeing these Loeffler Randall Reina Kitten Heel Sandals, I remember why I loved them. Mainly I appreciate how they seem to be a more sophisticated version of scalloped edges that I have worn in the past. With their slightly abstracted scallops (more wavy and spread out), perfect not- too-short kitten heels, and dainty ankle straps, these heel sandals can be great for a day when you want to get a bit more dressed than usual, but without killing your soles.

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