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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1. Topshop Crop Top / 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs Skirt / 3. Alexander Wang Romper / 4. Topshop Varsity Jacket / 5. Zara Faux Leather Shorts

When it comes to getting dressed in extreme weather temps, we all have those pieces that we automatically reach for--maybe even a few times in the same week. Today I decided to compile a collage of the pieces (or similar styles) in my closet that I tend to do this with.

1. Black Tank - Okay, this is by far the number one piece in wardrobe rotation at the moment. While not this exact style, my black Topshop tank has me having a tank top as one of my favorite pieces of clothing, when I never thought that would happen. It's perfectly tissue-thin, has a great higher neckline that's perfect for pairing with chunky necklaces, and basically feels like pajamas- if pajamas were black tank tops from Topshop.

2. Striped Skirt - Prints-wise lately, it's all about stripes in my closet. From t-shirts to dresses, these (usually horizontal) lines are everywhere. This Marc By Marc Jacobs skirt has a similar shape as my go-to striped Topshop skirt that is easily flattering, comfortable, and incredibly easy to dress up or down depending on the pieces added to it. Whether paired with matching stripes, florals, or whatever you had in mind, striped skirts have become my little black dress of skirts.

3. Black Romper - Talk about easy summer routine, rompers are a fast way to put an outfit together. Effortlessly chic (when styled and fit properly), incredibly comfortable, and great palettes for accessorizing, a classic black romper (this amazing one is Alexander Wang, while mine is from Bloomingdales Aqua line) is a summer go-to for obvious reasons.

4. Navy and Black Varsity Jacket - I know what you're thinking, jackets, in summer? I promise, though, I thought the same thing. However, for those of us that are in and out of office environments during the day, understand that it can easily cool-down once inside. My varsity jacket from Forever 21 (the one above is from Topshop) has always been the perfect "updated office cardigan" whether it was cold in the studio or the day turned drizzly, and instantly adds a sporty-chic quality to the rest of your look.

5. Faux Leather Shorts - These paper-bag waist Zara faux leather shorts may be runner up to the Topshop tank on this list. I mentioned to a friend earlier last week that these are the fashionistas version of Nike Shorts. Laugh all you want, but I swear it's true. While you may think to shy away from leathery fabrics during the summer months, just like our number four,  you may want to think again. The bagginess of these shorts are not only more flattering than your cutoffs, but keep the heavier material away from your body, as well. And, I have yet to find a top in my wardrobe that they don't work with.

What are the most popular pieces in your summer wardrobe right now? I'd love to hear.

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