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Monday, July 8, 2013

Necessary Clothing blouse / H&M Necklace

This past weekend, I was looking through my closet and was excited when I found pieces that seemed to have a similar style or feel. Whether the pieces were an article of clothing and the other an accessory or shoe, it became a sort of game of matching. A fashion card game, if you will. While I still love this Necessary Clothing triple collar blouse from last year, it hasn't been getting as much attention as it should. Using it as a starting point for this matching game led me to the H&M necklace above that has similar coloring: black, pinks, interesting blue, and touches of gold--just like the one gold button at the neck on the blouse. I love costume jewelry not for its sense of practicality, but for its sense of fun. While this necklace is on the gaudy and large side, with its affordable price, at the moment it provides a nice bit of glitz to the jewelry shelf. I challenge you to go and peruse your shelves and hangers for pieces with similar qualities. You never know what you may have forgotten about or you may realize a pattern in your style that you hadn't before. Go ahead, try!

Do you see similar styles in your closets? Would you like to see more similar styles posts like this one here on Eighty Five Dresses? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

PS. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with their families + friends. I know I did!

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Sanjay Kumar said...

Primarily, I have read several articles & blogs on fashion costume jewelry designs but you have brought come up some attention-grabbing points. Thanks for sharing this so we can all read it.

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