Person of Interest: Gia Coppola

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


While not often directly associated with fashion and style, it often seems as if the people that are involved in the arts through either fine arts, film, photography, and so on, have the style that most are envious of. In these areas of focus, mostly nothing is taken too seriously and yet, always comes off as effortless and right in all the right ways. Gia Coppola, Francis Ford's granddaughter and Sofia's niece, takes part in all areas of these arts. Graduating from Bard with a photography degree, she has been frequently working on fashion films for labels such as Opening Ceremony, Rodarte, and Wren. She cites herself as "pretty lazy" when it comes to style and wanting to be comfortable, and maybe that's the trick to the ease in the way she wears her clothes. With Gia, most garments are not too restricting and her looks create enough shape to show that she has one, without extremely defining it. In addition to her effortless way of dress, she has the hairstyle that most of the "cool-girls" that I envy have. Never too polished and perfectly tousled, her chin-length bob is one that is constantly saved away for that chance that I would ever take the cut.

What do you think about Gia Coppola's sense of style? 

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