Person of Interest: Amanda Brooks

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Growing up in Bronxville, NY and Palm Beach, Florida, Amanda Brooks was always surrounded with style and influential people. Beginning with her parents who met through a mutual friend, Lilly Pulitizer, to being a student at Brown University studying photography and having Carolina Herrera's daughter, Patricia as her roommate, to dating DVF's son, Alexander, Amanda was destined to be not only a regular in the social world of fashion, but in being a part of it creatively, as well. Her interest in photography led her to an internship with famed fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier. Following photography, she then became the muse and former creative director of Tuleh, and contributed to Vogue. However, in addition to her involvement in various parts of the industry, it is said to have been her blog, "I Love Your Style" that played a key role in her hire for her position as Fashion Director for Barney's. After a year of this position, she has since moved to Oxfordshire, England with her husband and two children inspired by the blog, "The Pioneer Woman" to show that she is able to write about fashion from a different perspective, as well as citing "I've spent my entire career devoted to the vision of others,""This year away is for introspection. For myself."

Amanda Brooks has one of those styles that I admire for their sense of no-fuss perfection. From some of the photos in the image above, she manages to form her put together style with minimal elements that still come across as complete. From a basic button down and pencil skirt with heels, or simple peach dress with a pop of color for a bag, it is this act of simplicity to which I am drawn. Having been cited as not fussy when it comes to fashion, you can tell from the way that she wears the clothes, as well as the actual clothes that she is wearing. Amanda reminds us that there is something important about knowing how to wear simple pieces well, and that prints and patterns (while keeping the shapes and cut of the garments simple), can keep your outfit interesting and full of style.

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