Person of Interest: Alexa Chung

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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With each year that passes as I learn more about fashion and style, my own personal style fluctuates from being extremely feminine to adding tomboyish pieces to the feminine ones, and eventually it all becomes sort of oddly combined to create some sort of sense of style. For a while, though, through all of the changes in my own style, Alexa Chung has always had a sense of personal style that I constantly admire, look up to, and try to re-create. Aside from her perfectly un-kept messy bangs that almost have me wanting to re-visit that hairstyle when I study in London next spring, her mile-long slim legs, and the fact that she has a bag named after her by Mulberry, Alexa's style seems effortless in an exquisitely crafted manner. She is an expert at combining feminine prints and silhouettes with combat boots, muted colors, and at pairing vintage pieces with modern ones. Her style is very English and classic, but she creates combinations that feel anything but conservative and stuffy. While I have yet to achieve success in the styling of Alexa Chung, until then, her looks continue to serve as a form of daily inspiration. 

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