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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Growing up, fairy-like canopy beds and cushioned window seats were always on my mind when it came to the design of my bedroom. While the desire for a sheer canopy bed didn't last very long, my attraction to window seats still remains. Whether curling up to read the latest magazine, working on an assignment on a laptop, or sitting down to time with family and friends in the image above, window seats feel like the ideal example of easy relaxation in nearly any setting. The window seat that is pictured here, though, is a style that I had not seen before. The way that the home is up in the forrest allows for a picturesque landscape to be seen through the window. And, with the size of the window larger than most usually associated with quaint and cozy window seats, appears almost like a forrest painting, as well. 

Did you ever dream of having a window seat in your house?

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Josie Moretti @ North West Exteriors said...

Who wouldn't dream to have a window seat if you have a gorgeous outside view like this? Look at how big the window is! That will totally give sufficient amount of daylight as well as ample view. Live your dream, Lea! It wouldn't be impossible to have your own window seat one day. :)

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