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Monday, January 28, 2013

If you know me, or have been following for a while, you know that pants are not in my regular outfit rotations. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't appreciate a perfect fitting pair of jeans, we all know how hard those are to find, or a polka dotted pair every once in a while, but at the moment, they are a work--or style-- in progress. While I've never really been a fan of the colored denim craze that's been present for a while now, I do have a soft spot for pants in intricate patterns, fabric applications, and textiles.

Obviously I am a sucker for a good pattern mix. Though pairing florals with an almost angular thought-bubble pattern might seem like a long shot for a great pair of prints, these MSGM pants would go just as great with a simple white t-shirt and statement necklace, as they would making a statement themselves. 

Following the theme of working in a similar color palette as I had been trying out the past few months, this style works amazingly by combining these teal taffeta Asos cropped pants with a navy velvet button-down. I've noticed that when it comes to pants, I still like to maintain that put-together and polished factor instead of the idea that throwing on a pair of pants is simple and a go-to. Dressier pants, like the ones above, definitely are a pair that could work just as well with a chambray oxford as they would with a tuxedo jacket and stilettos. 

Our last pant pairing for today is a textile that I actually am fondest of when it is applied to pants and shorts--brocade. Aside from the obvious eye-catching appeal that brocade brings, there is also something about the hand of the fabric and feeling the different threads that makes me appreciate the beauty of the design. Again, with the intricateness of the pattern, design, and often colors, brocade pants work the best with toned down tops and accessories as seen above.

When it comes to pants, which do you prefer?

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