Person of Interest: Gaia Repossi

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Although born into the jewelry business, Repossi, founded by her great grandfather, Gaia Repossi did not always aspire to one day be a part of the company. With her interests leading more towards the fine arts of painting and studies in anthropology, she wasn't particularly interested in fashion. However, in 2007 she became the artistic director for the Repossi jewelry brand. Infusing her love of anthropology and various cultures into her jewelry work, she is inspired by "ethnic silhouettes and tribal adornment with contemporary art." Though she doesn't consider a fashion line as of now, she has done many collaborations in designing jewelry for some of fashion's top designers such as Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra, both for their fall 2011 collections.

Although her interests lie in metals instead of cloth, she understands how to dress incredibly well. Gaia Repossi's sense of style is rather simple and incorporates many masculine references. She has said that her mother told her to "never overdress because it's never going to work." In thinking about the concept of making an outfit "work", one of the main qualifications is making it come across as that you have thrown it on and it just happened to be perfect. With her outfits mostly consisting of solid colors and easy shapes, even in a long sienna colored dress in the far left image above, she never looks overdone.  If never overdressing will result in my outfits appearing like Gaia Repossi styled them, consider it done.

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