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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I have always had a thing for libraries and when I was younger had a goal to read every book in the neighborhood library. While obviously unrealistic, it is a good thought. The idea of having all of the books filled with information, inspiration, and photographs waiting for me to delve into them was exciting and the limits of what could be read were endless. So many libraries seem to be under appreciated and are seen as dated. Even still, I can't shake the thought of eventually having a small collection of my own in my future home. While it will be a while, or never, until I can have a room organized with books in every category, simple bookshelves and coffee tables will take place. To liven up the basic set-up, like in the image above, a few photographs and prints, wallpaper accent wall, and the word "library" in a fun script, create a place for the books that show a little love to them just like a library would.

Do you ever think of creating a library--big or small?

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