Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the past few years, I feel that leopard accessories and accents have taken the place where red ones used to thrive. Previously, a pop of red in either a shoe or purse made an outfit a bit sophisticated and complete without overwhelming the outfit as a whole. However, it appears that the red trend for accessories had long faded and made way for leopard in all realms of accents. In seeing this great mini-heeled loafer, I remembered how I had wanted to be a wearer of red and how red accessories and shoes can act almost like a swipe of red lipstick--it pulls it together the look while still allowing the details and components of the rest of your pieces to make a statement, as well. And, with the small spikes on the heel, it adds a little bit of edge, without being too bold.

Do you prefer red or leopard for accents or accessories?

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