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Monday, November 5, 2012

With the first sight of snow flurries today, and being on "I" for our A to Z features, what perfect timing to discuss a favorite of mine--winter whites. While there are still traditionalists that remain true to the "no white after Labor Day" rule, I find that winter whites can often be just as comforting and cozy as their warmer colored counterparts. In the cold and often dreary months here, in seas of black puff coats and snow boots, these creamy shades also provide an ideal base to add to wintery colors. Personally, I love chunky cream colored sweaters. And, when paired with navy, forest or army green, or burgundy's, I often find that these colors work best. Below are some ladies that have left me feeling inspired about incorporating winter whites into my winter wardrobe this new season.

{mixing a chunky fisherman-syle pullover with a delicate pleated maxi in a brighter white}

{A classic cream-colored toggle coat with warmer toned khaki pants}

{An example from Michael Kors in combining colors (orange pants) and textures (furry scarf) with the cream sweater}

{For more formal occasions, winter white works as well even if you are not attending a wedding. This Lyn Devon all-out cream color-scheme works well by providing a contrast in textures and the fit of the garments.}

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