Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shoes are a part of our wardrobe that I feel people either love or feel indifferent towards. When it comes to shoes for me, I have definitely been headed towards the love side recently. The same way that a piece of jewelry can instantly change an outfit, shoes can do the same. These great Chloe sandals can do that. Although they are not ornate in detail or bold in coloring, these are the kind of shoes that can  change your outfit to look complete by being perfectly simple. The height of the heel and width of the straps, as well as the two-toned leathers, are flattering on anyone and are the style that would work with nearly any outfit that you have on. While these have been sold out for a while, this is surely a look that I will be looking out for soon.

Do you have any shoes that you absolutely love for their simple perfection?

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