Odd Pairings

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Delia's skirt (old), Forever 21 blouse + belt, Target shoes, Michael Kors watch and Essie's "Mojito Madness" polish}

Since oxbloods and burgundies have become this seasons everything, every fashion lover has thought of how to make the fashion worlds latest color obsession work in their wardrobes. Upon seeing this photograph of a favorite, Elisa Nalin, at first, choosing to pair a deep burgundy with a lighter lilac seemed odd and contradictory. However, I found myself consistently returning to the image for reference. In my interpretation of this burgundy/lilac blend, I added a bit of subtle pattern mixing, as well. With a delicate floral blouse and a skirt with a stitched circle arrangement, I attempted to unify the light and deeper colors by adding a level of textures and prints to the mix, too. 

Would you ever try an odd pairing? Burgundy and lilac? Light pink and burnt orange?

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