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Friday, November 2, 2012

Last week, I was in the fashion section of the library picking up research for a project. I noticed that for every book I would pick up for the assignment, I would be just as infatuated with the hundred others that surrounded it. So, when I finally narrowed it down to a few books for my assignment, I couldn't help but resist checking out piece on one of my favorites from this post-- on Christian Dior. This week, the dress is one that is most likely never going to find itself in my closet. This Fall 2012 RTW from Christian Dior, though in a bold choice of pink, is not at all intrusive. The way that the pleats fall softly and create a whispy effect, and the high necked intricate top with long sleeves are all qualities about it that are what make this dress amazing aside from the color. Often to me, a Dior piece is the epitome of femininity and poise, and this dress is nothing short of.

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