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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seeing as I am extremely excited to be heading home for Thanksgiving Break this weekend, today's Home Improvement post is about one of my favorite rooms at home--my closet. Like many girls, I had always dreamed of a closet as more of a "dressing room" than just a storage space for clothes. When my sister and I grew out of using our playroom from when we were younger, we decided it would be more useful to use the space and divide the room in half to make up new closets.
I am very particular in the arrangement of this room. There is a section for everything, and everything within the section is organized by either color, style, or print. Not only does this make looking for a certain piece easier, but to me, I also feel that it is more eye-candy inducing. Seeing similar colors and textures together makes my closet feel almost boutique-like. Also, there are certain pieces that I showcase either for the fact that they were a special wear, or that their display always excites me--such as the vintage 1950's lavender prom dress on the left. While I know that when I someday move to NYC, my apartment will probably be the same size as my closet, for now, it's a space that I really do enjoy.

Do you have a dream closet idea? If you do, how would you have it ideally organized?

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