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Monday, November 26, 2012

{Forever 21 sweater,  H&M pants, Target heels,  Necklace from Dillard's}

Lately, I feel that the way that an outfit can work best is with simple and basic pieces but with amazing accessories. By using a bright fuchsia sweater and basic black pants as the base, and adding a neon green statement necklace and leopard print wedges, this otherwise simple outfit is now a lesson in mixing brights with patterns. While the traditional suit style has seemed to be fairly distant from the need to be in our wardrobes for a while now, this is an outfit--or style-- that I feel could work well for a creative office setting or even an interview, as well.

I arrived back in Syracuse last night to finish off the rest of the first semester, so look forward to starting off tomorrow with our regular school line-up starting with tomorrow's "Tuesday Shoesday" post. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break!

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